S2E2-”Students Experience Us as One-Place at UMass Lowell”

June 5, 2020

Featuring Lori Dembowitz and Kerry Donohoe of University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In this episode, you'll see an opening recorded recently (June 2020) as a preamble to the full episode recorded this past February. With all of the changes in the world since February, Haley and Frank shared some changes from their personal and professional lives before the start of the episode. After the intro, there is not a single mention of COVID!


Back in February, we talked to the visionaries at UMass Lowell, where their enterprise instance has skyrocketed and the use cases continue to roll in. Focusing in on their implementation of Student Advisor Link from, they have created an amazing student experience in their one-stop and created a stakeholder network on campus. This was a fun one with lots of information to share from an institution excelling in enterprise Salesforce and Advising!


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